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Website creation and hosting is another service I have provided, both as an employee and as a an independent service provider. Below are links to several of the websites I have created and hosted.

Airshow Performers:

AeroShell Aerobatic Team - www.aeroshellteam.com - Website for the AeroShell Aerobatic Team

Aerostars Aerobatic Team - www.teamaerostar.com - Web presence for a top flight aerobatic demo team.

Jim Peitz Aerosports - www.jpaerosports.com - Airshow Performer website. Jim Peitz is also the former Chairman of the Board for the International Council of Airshows.

Greg Koontz Airshows - www.gkairshows.com -
Airshow performer website.

Rower Airshows - www.rowerairshows.com  Airshow performer website.

Thunderbolt RV8 - www.tboltrv8.com - Website featuring Gene McNeely's Van's RV-8

Jimmy Fordham Airshows - www.jimmyfordhamairshows.com - Website for an aerobatic performer in a Yak 52.

Red Thunder Airshows - www.redthunder.us
Airshow Demonstration Team

Greg Poe Airshows - www.gregpoe.com
Airshow performer website (Note: this is the site as it appeared during my time with Greg. The Greg Poe website as it currently exists was NOT done by me.)

Aircraft Manufacturers:

Liberty Aircraft - www.libertyaircraftusa.com - Website for Liberty Aircraft, USA, an aircraft sales outfit in North Carlolina.

American Champion Aircraft - www.amerchampionaircraft.com - Website for Aircraft manufacturer.

FBO / Flight Schools:

TAA Flight Training - www.flytaa.com - Flight school in Greensboro, NC utilizing state of the art aircraft for primary flight training.

Tampa North Aero Park - www.tampanorth.com - Airport FBO in Tampa, FL. Promotes Flight School, Hangars, and Maintenance.

Birmingham Exeucitive Aviation - www.birminghamexecutiveaviation.com - Airport FBO website promoting Flight School, Sales, and Aviation Services

Aviation Service Companies:

Fagen Fighters WWII Museum - www.fagenfighterswwiimuseum.org - World War II Museum with fully functional WWII aircraft and ground equipment. Created ALL content, including videos.

The Fuel Desk - www.thefueldesk.com
Aviation fuel support services for airshows and other events.

Sky Country Lodge - www.skycountrylodge.com
Aerobatic Bed and Breakfast

David Carlson Photography - www.dcarlsonphoto.com - Photographer's photo gallery of his work.

High Times Adventure Company - www.hightimesadventures.com - Charter company website.

Tailwind Enterprises, Inc. - www.tailwindonline.com - My Graphics and Web Production company.

Jack Carlton Reed - www.jackcarltonreed.com  - Artist's gallery

Other Businesses:

Ryan J. Poe Foundation - Ryan J. Poe Foundation - Website to give information and receive donations for a youth program. (Note: this link is to the site as it existed during my time with founder Greg Poe. The current website for this organization was NOT done by me.)

Kingsbridge Homeowners' Association - www.kingsbridgeHOA.com - Website for a small Illinois subdivision showcasing their development and updating with documents, photos, etc.

Flight Ridge Apartments - www.flintridgeco.com - Website for an Alabama apartment complex.

West Coast Accessories - www.westcoastacc.com - West Coast Accessories website - Supplier of  custom wheel accessories and other automotive hardware. Under construction, has an order form and data collection capabilities.

Trigger Arabians - www.triggerarabians.com - This site advertises Arabian horses for sale in Western Colorado, and incorporates dramatic photography with complex cross-links to sires, dams, and pedigree information.

Trigger Fencing Products - www.triggerfenceproducts.com - Site for a wholesale fence supply company - complete online ordering and tracking.

Valleywide Fence - www.vwfence.com
Site for a retail fence supply company.

Other web work I have done - Click HERE.